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Harley Street Doctors Ltd
Room D, Suite 1,
1st Floor, Ashford House, 41-45 Church Road,
Ashford TW15 2TQ

Phone: 01784 254 894
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Providers of Medical Services to the Insurance Industry

Summary of Service

HSD provide a Mobile Medical Service whereby GP's undertake Mobile Insurance Medicals in a suitable location and convenient time to the client. Our service is driven by offering enhanced customer services to the client. We can offer a range of appointments on days & times that fit around their busy schedules.

We have complete UK coverage for Mobile Medicals and HSD are the only company that can provide a Mobile service in Northern Ireland. We are exclusive providers of Mobile Stress ECG testing, a popular service for High Value clients.

We understand the importance of providing our service to the highest standards and how it can affect an insurers business and 'Not taken up' Rates' (NTU), we constantly strive to maintain a good Insurance Company/client relationship by providing an outstanding level of service.

Over the past five years client expectation of service levels has increased. As with many consumer services, clients now expect the convenience of home delivery, at a time suitable for their busy, professional lives.

IFA's help justify their choice of insurance company not only on rates but also customer service. Most IFA's are used to being able to offer mobile visits and understand that due to the client convenience and pro active nature of the appointment booking system at HSD, more of the policies they write will be issued resulting in higher revenues for both the IFA and the insurance company. The additional Mobile Visit fee is inconsequential when compared with the increased premium income derived from improved 'Take Up Rates' when compared with static location. HSD take great pride in having the lowest overall average turnaround time & the highest conversion rates in the industry.

Any complaints are dealt with quickly and efficiently by the account manager and can easily be escalated to Dr. Harrison if required. HSD is willing to apologise for any failures in the process regardless of blame thus ensuring that the relationships between the client, insurance Company and IFA remain intact.

HSD has a 15 year history of providing Mobile insurance Medicals throughout the UK. It is the only company that entirely manage every appointment centrally thus avoiding the erratic performance that results from allowing the GP's to book their own appointments. HSD also manage the Countrywide Dr. coverage to ensure that individual doctors sickness and holidays do not affect the performance level of the company.

We are confident that HSD is the only company that provides the level of service as quickly and efficiently and this is reflected in the fact that many Insurance Companies will only use HSD for all their Large Case Businesses. This attention and expertise is extended to all Medicals arranged by HSD regardless of the size of the policy. We know that this has a positive effect on 'Take Up Rates' which far outweighs the modest cost of our services.





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