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Private Screening for COVID-19 - Results normally available within 24-48 hours
Background and context
Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a novel virus of uncertain origin that has given rise to a pandemic.
There is no initial immunity, no vaccine and no specific treatment.
COVID-19 is more infectious than influenza (c. double) with a significantly higher mortality rate (x10-20) particularly in older patients.
Testing for the virus 
The NHS has now restricted testing to hospital patients only.
Harley Street Doctors has been providing Medical Screening since 1996 and is now offering private screening for COVID-19.
Who should consider being tested for the virus:

1. Anyone over the age of 60 who develops a fever, dry cough or shortness of breath (other symptoms may include; fatigue, muscle pains, and a headache) especially if a pre-existing co-morbidity (other illnesses) exist, in particular; high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, lung disease or diabetes.
2. Any carers (family or professional) in contact with older relatives or patients. There is evidence of asymptomatic carriers who could pose a significant risk.
3. Anybody who has self-isolated (7-14 days) and who requires confirmation that they are not infected in order to discontinue their quarantine. It is currently recommended that anyone who develops flu like symptoms including fever and dry cough self isolates for 7-14 days. (Patients are probably not infectious 7 days after first developing symptoms).
4. Anybody who is concerned they may have contracted the virus and requires laboratory confirmation.

Key considerations:

1. Older men being treated for high blood pressure have a significantly higher mortality rate if infected with COVID-19. (The virus appears to attach to the same receptors as ACE inhibitors).
2. All 'at risk' groups who test positive should make urgent preparations for a possible hospital admission.
3. Carers who test positive should avoid contact with all 'at risk' groups for at least 14-days following their first symptoms.
4. 'At risk' groups should give consideration to significantly modifying their lifestyle to avoid all unnecessary contact with individuals who could be infectious.
5. Any individual who is self-isolating should, where possible, sleep alone, use a separate bathroom, and avoid sharing toothbrushes, crockery and cutlery.

 There is currently no specific approved treatment for COVID-19.
The Self-test kits
How they are used
Our laboratory is a UKAS approved private pathology laboratory and uses the best available methods for obtaining an accurate result. The Primerdesign 2019-Ncov has been designed specifically for the Wuhan specific strain which has a 100% homology with the genome strains from France and America. This kit is more specific than alternative kits and we consider it the best available.
More detailed information is available on request.
Ordering a test kit
The tests are simple to use and do not require assistance from others.
Upon request, the test kit is posted to your home with clear instructions on how to effectively and accurately provide a sample from the back of your throat. The tests are dispatched within one day of receiving payment.
Collecting your sample - clear instructions including an instructional video are provided with the kits.
The kits have a long shelf life but we advise that they are used immediately, especially if Covid-19 symptoms are present.  
The results - Each test swab should be posted in its self-addressed, prepaid, envelope and results will be available within 24-48 hours of receipt of the sample by the lab. Your results can either be emailed or received via text message.
• A negative test indicates that the individual was not infected with COVID-19 at the time the swab was taken.
• A positive result indicates that COVID-19 is present. An individual can be infectious for approximately 7 days following the start of symptoms (cough and/or fever).
It is highly unlikely that an individual can catch COVID-19 more than once. After the initial infection, the individual should have a good level of immunity.
The number of available kits is limited.
To order a test kit?
Monday - Friday, 09:00 -17:30 pm GMT - Call the Harley Street Doctors office on 01784 254894

The Testing Kit Service cost £330
Taking a Throat Swab

Taking a Throat Swab



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